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Augusta Symphony Guild Cotillion History

In 1963, the Augusta Symphony Guild held its first Cotillion Ball and a tradition was born. This celebrated evening opens the Debutante season with a beautiful ball enjoyed by honored guests, their family, and friends. This event also provides funding for the Augusta Symphony. It is an honor to be chosen as a Debutante and the Cotillion Committee hopes that the young ladies and their families will cherish the memories of this year. The Debutantes and their presenters share the spotlight at the Cotillion. 

Traditionally, a young lady made her debut when her parents decided that she was ready to move into adult society and perfect her social graces. It was the time when young ladies were introduced to the friends of her parents and other adults. 

The Augusta Symphony Guild has chosen to invite young ladies to be presented at the Cotillion Ball during their junior year of college. The Debutante season begins with the Cotillion Ball and ends on the eve of next year's ball.

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