Guidelines For Debutantes

The Debutante shall wear a long, all-white or candlelight formal gown with a ball skirt of width appropriate for a deep curtsy and formal while glove. The dress should have NO contrasting color or embellishments (sequins, pearls, crystals,  etc.)

Strapless and halter dresses are allowed, however, we ask there be no plunging necklines. The back of the dress must come up to the waistline. 

In order to avoid duplication of dresses, please call Mrs. Holley Murray (706-830-6493), Debutante Coordinator, before purchasing a gown. She will need the Designer's name, style number of the dress, and a picture of the back and front of your daughter in the dress. When you text the picture, please identify yourself in the text. Holley's email is holleym@knology.net

Formal gloves of a length appropriate to the Debutate's dress are to be worn.


All shoes must be closed-toed. (No embellishments, mules, or boots.) 

Please keep jewelry to a minimum: Single pearl studs. Single ear piercing only - all other ear piercings removed. No other body piercings. Single strand pearl necklace unless otherwise approved. 

All visible tattoos must be covered by makeup. 

In years past, we have had some debutantes who wished to wear dresses previously worn by their sisters and/or mothers that no longer meet the guidelines set by the Augusta Symphony Guild Cotillion Committee. As a committee, we understand and treasure the sentiments and traditions in wearing a gown that was worn by a sister or mother. We have, therefore, agreed that if a Debutante wishes to wear a gown that was worn by a sister or a mother at a previous Augusta Symphony Guild Cotillion, we will consider each dress on an individual basis. 

As an Augusta Symphony Guild Debutante, your behavior and actions reflect not only upon your own family but also on the Augusta Symphony Guild. Please conduct yourself appropriately with dignity and kindness.